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Natalie Annette

Natalie Annette showcases home décor, hospitality and gift merchandise to three luxury recreational markets:  Yachts, Equestrian, and Formula One.


These words describe not only the collections within the Natalie Annette brand, they could be ascribed to Natalie Annette herself. She is an interior designer. She is a product designer.  She is the author of "The Grand Festive Picnic" and has turned her artistic eye to designing luxury collections inspired by her book.  Her work is both playful and elegant, much like the designer herself. Whatever the endeavor, rest assured Natalie Annette creates with consummate style. 

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"Everything Beautiful. Everyone Happy." - Natalie Annette

  • Natalie Annette is a knowledgeable and innovative designer who works in traditional motifs with a modern twist and always incorporates a splash of eclectic flair.

  • She is passionate about creating perfect interiors for her clients. Her impeccable attention to detail allows her to produce stunning spaces in the luxury home and hotel industry.

  • This brand provides exceptional quality products with exceptional customer service.  Our customer base taps into four generations, and this coverage will stimulate the expansion of our brand worldwide.   

  • We use premium, super white porcelain and gold accents in our luxury tableware.

  • Our jewelry is crafted in 14k gold and high quality diamonds and leather.

  • Natalie's interior design is backed by 10+ years of experience and excellence.