I am grateful for this opportunity, and I am excited to share my story with you. 

I am Natalie Annette, born to design, and blessed with extraordinary vision.  As a third generation Italian, a seasoned world traveler and entrepreneur, living a life with purpose drives me to create and share my work. 

My lifestyle brand was conceptualized as I was book signing "The Grand Festive Picnic" in Beverly Hills 2012.  I recognized the mother of the child held the purse strings.  While the child would tug for my children’s book, the mother of the child made the ultimate decision to purchase.  With this, I restructured my business model to capture “women” as my primary market and “children” as my secondary market. 

I began to design a line of products geared around the book.  The book calls for the finest china, linens and crystal as Lulu the Lioness receives a surprise visit from her best friend Pinky Lucy Goosey.  In 2015, my premium porcelain tableware, The Jubilee Collection was in production, and arrived ready for market in 2017. 

Over the past ten years, I have designed tableware, top of table accessories, linens, wallpaper, purse jewelry, dining tables, consoles, area rugs, serving trays, weekenders, serving pieces, throw pillows, picnic baskets, color cubes, cutlery, cocktail napkins, tote bags, towels, roman shades, fine jewelry, and more.     

Natalie Annette is a lifestyle brand showcasing home décor, hospitality and gift merchandise.  The initial profit center evolves around "The Grand Festive Picnic".  An experience so whimsical, enticing, unique and fun you will want to join.  Exponentially building Natalie Annette brand awareness as a household name.  "The Grand Festive Picnic" supports the business to consumer model driven by targeted catalog distribution and an online presence.  Friendship and Celebration come alive here.  If you believe feeling good enhances your lifestyle and perpetuates happiness, and you believe you have plenty to celebrate in this life, then allow us to surround you with the Natalie Annette lifestyle brand to make your world its best. 

The brand recognition will expand by providing exceptional quality products with exceptional customer service.  Our customer base taps into four generations, and this coverage will stimulate the expansion of our brand worldwide.  We strive to meet our customer’s needs and enhance our customer’s lifestyle. 

More About Natalie Annette ...

Natalie Annette is a knowledgeable and innovative designer who works in traditional motifs with a modern twist and always incorporates a splash of eclectic flair.

She is passionate about creating the perfect home for her clients. Her impeccable attention to detail allows her to produce stunning spaces for each and every homeowner.

With her 20+ years of interior design experience, she has created stunning interiors to fit her clients' lifestyles. 

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